Introducing Internet & Weed

INTERNET & WEED! New production company & label formed by musicians and producers Alap Momin, Merc Anthony and Christian Alexander.

Internet & Weed was formed to explore and release a wide range of Stoner 808, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Booty, Dance & various Club music styles. The artists on the label span a diverse array of genres, all brought together by what we like to call “Womb Music”. A sound that evokes a dreamlike state bringing the listener back to a time before they were born and listening from the womb. Whether for the dancefloor, the whip, or your headphones, Internet & Weed promises to bring the listener a sound that isn’t currently available anywhere else.

Alap Momin was born to Indian parents and grew up in New Jersey. From a young age, Momin developed an interest in music and took up playing guitar at the age of 12. Gradually his interest shifted to engineering and he started his first recording studio in 1993 in his parent’s basement in Parsippany, New Jersey. Currently Alap is a member of BKGD Audio, MRC Riddims, Third Culture Kings, Ice Cream, and The Brazilian Gentleman. His production is generally credited under the BKGD Audio moniker.

Merc Anthony was born in NY and raised in NJ. He was a founding member of the shoegaze band All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors playing guitar and keyboards. Merc began exploring other sounds as he progressed into Jamaican Dancehall, Hiphop and House music. Currently Merc is a member of Merc Yes, MRC Riddims, The Brazilian Gentleman, and New Age Grate and he resides in East Harlem, NYC.

Christian Alexander was born and raised in the suburbs right outside of Philadelphia. He developed a interest in music at a young age and started playing in bands as a teenager. Christian started Translation Loss Records in 2002 with Starkweather drummer Drew Juergens. Currently Christian is a member of The Brazilian Gentleman, End Christian, C Trip A, New Age Grate, End Xian, and Empty Flowers. His production has been credited under the C.A. or End Christian moniker.

808 was born in outer space and is the glue behind the whole thing.