TOBI Premieres New Song Titled “Tell Me, Tell Me”


The New York-based TOBI, known to her friends and family as Ashley Tobias, is a chameleon of sorts. The singer/percussionist/dancer has the ability to move fluidly in any facet of her choosing. Performing within the construct of the multi-platinum gypsy punk group Gogol Bordello is a testament to that. But it isn’t all-encompassing for the vocalist.

TOBI also created the “Bee True to You“, an anti-bullying project filled with music and content directly created for kids with messages of positivity.

Moving in a complete 180 degrees, TOBI directs her attention in a different direction with the new single “Tell Me, Tell Me,” produced by MRC Riddims (Alap Momin ex- dälek, Merc Anthony). The single harks back to early-90’s dance / electronic music with a bit more extra bounce in its step.

Of the new single TOBI offers:
“Tell Me Tell Me” is about a mystery caller. A sort of forbidden fruit or lust that can never actually be, for whatever reason, a “real thing,” TOBI explains. “So there’s this playful fantasy you create up in your mind, to sort of not only entertain yourself but to reawaken something deep in your soul. This collaboration came together because of Gogol Bordello’s Eugene Hutz,” she continues. “He was the curator of this musical team. As the female singer in Gogol Bordello, Eugene invited me to sing on his newest upcoming solo album, and Alap is the head producer of that project. It was during one of our sessions for Eugene, that Alap and I TOTALLY hit it off and discovered that we are kindred spirits. I had been, for a long while, looking for producers who understood my sound and overall brand and discovered that in MRC Riddims. We began writing new music, in which they would bring songs to me, and I to them. They brought the track “Tell Me Tell Me” my way and I just took it from there.”

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